How To Organize Picture Day for a Youth Baseball League
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How To Organize Picture Day for a Youth Baseball League

The more people in a shot, the more complicated it gets, and managing an entire youth baseball league can be challenging! Getting all eyes on the camera and organizing all the players can feel impossible, especially if they are ready to get out on the field and play for the spring season.

You can capture these important memories with some organization and a good strategy. Here's how the Shoob Photo South team gets it done.

Create a Plan

When you're dealing with league-size groups of people, there’s a lot to account for; working with a professional can be beneficial, and adding in a little bit of planning can make all the difference. 

So, before the shoot, make sure you have the team roster so you know how many players need to be in the photo and so you're not blindsided with second-string players that just won't fit in one image. Planning lets you know where the photo needs to be taken and can account for anyone who will be in it.

Have Your Rows Laid Out

Another huge challenge with sports team photography is getting everyone's face into the image. So, when you're getting organized, determine how many rows you'll need. The general rule is that if you have 40 or more people, there will be 10 people in a row, giving you a rectangular grouping for a traditional finish.  

Think in Levels

The larger the team is, the more levels you will have, so alternate the rows positioning so that no one's faces are blocked by the people in front of them. Put average-height players in the first three rows, then move to the shortest individuals, and have unique players like the pitcher lying down, kneeling, sitting, slightly bending with their hands on their hips, or crouching for some variety.

Don't Be Afraid to Personalize It 

Getting the perfect youth baseball league photo isn't just about pointing and shooting the camera. To truly capture the essence of the sport, add in some personality or personalization to create a deeply memorable image. Know the team dynamic, and incorporate baseball equipment like bats for players on the outside or front to lean on. 

Having them show up in their baseball uniforms, displaying their team numbers and logos, wearing a mitt with a ball in hand, or tying their cleats can show their commitment to the game and create a unique spin on the image.

Simplify Your Sports League Photo Day with Shoob Photo South! 

Taking the time to capture high-quality youth baseball league photos can have a lasting and meaningful impact on the players, so plan accordingly and be thorough. 

When you only want the best for your youth baseball league photo shoot or need an expert in school photography, Shoob Photo South has been the trusted name in Central and Southern California for decades, and we would love to make your next photo shoot amazing! 

If you have questions or need custom photography services, give our office a call at 888-222-1542 or schedule your appointment online, and our team will get back to you shortly.


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