Trusted Youth Baseball Photographer in California

Batter up! Shoob Photo South is your premier youth baseball photographer servicing Central and Southern California and surrounding areas! With our team, experience, and resources, we have exactly what it takes to make your youth baseball Picture Day the perfect photoshoot experience.

  • Professional-quality sports photo packages and portraits
  • Multi-team league or individual team photoshoots
  • Online ordering and direct-to-home shipping services
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our services

Knock Baseball Picture Day Out of the Park!

At Shoob Photo South, we’re the closer you can trust at the bottom of the ninth when it comes to handling all your youth baseball photography needs! Whether you’re looking to schedule an expansive Picture Day for hundreds of little league players or simply need an individualized photoshoot for your team, our MVP sports photographers are equipped to take care of any scale of photography services to ensure a stress-free Picture Day experience.

From scheduling to ordering, we’re here to handle everything for you on your big Picture Day, so you can stay focused on everything else you have going on.

By working with Shoob, you can take advantage of five-star youth sports photography services :

  • Professional sports photographers who will capture your child's precious memories
  • A welcoming, stress-free photoshoot environment for everyone involved
  • Online portrait ordering and direct-to-home shipping options
  • View First System for proofing portraits and customizing printing
  • Customized photo packages tailored to fit any team budget or size
  • No more order forms or pesky paperwork
  • Highest picture quality of sports packages and portraits available
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed on all photography services

As a coach, parent, or league manager, you already have enough on your plate. So why not trust an experienced, local sports photographer to help you knock your next baseball Picture Day out of the park?

Let us take care of all your youth baseball photography needs, and check out our reviews to see how much we’re dedicated to providing exceptional customer service!

Make Baseball Picture Day a Home Run!

As our children grow older, it’s the little things we stop taking for granted when it comes to capturing and sharing memories of their youth. At Shoob Photo South, we take pride in helping parents get the professional-quality sports photos they want to proudly display their child’s athletic achievements for many years to come.

If you want to make your next baseball Picture Day a home run, look no further than Shoob Photo South! Contact us today to schedule a Picture Day or have our professional sports photography team answer any of your questions.

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