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California’s Trusted Elementary School Photographer

At Shoob Photo South, preserving precious memories is our top priority. That’s why we strive to offer all of our clients in Central and Southern California a wide range of elementary photography services that will make the Picture Day experience as stress-free and enjoyable as possible!

  • Professional-quality school photo packages and portraits
  • Simplified online ordering system and process
  • No order forms of paperwork necessary
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our services
Preschool Student Taking A Picture
Preschool Student Taking A Picture

Elementary School Photos You’ll Cherish Forever

We all have memories of how stressful Picture Day can be at any given elementary school. At Shoob Photo South, we help schools and parents take the stress out of the elementary Picture Day process, giving our clients more options to choose from when it comes to accommodating all their scheduling, ordering, and shipping needs.

As a trusted Central and Southern California school photographer with more than 15 years of school portrait photography experience, we know a thing or two when it comes to what it takes to exceed all of your expectations.

To ensure you receive the best customer service possible, we offer our clients all of the following elementary school photography services.

Experienced & Professional School Photographers

The perfect school photographer is someone who captures the spirit of the day and creates an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Our elementary school photography team has vast experience when it comes to working with groups of students while ensuring that each child has their moment captured in front of the camera.

Our photographers take pride in providing schools with excellent organizational skills, keeping track of multiple classes at a time to ensure that all pictures are taken on time and to a high-quality standard. Our enthusiasm for capturing moments will provide energy to Picture Day that brings out the best in everyone participating!

Personalized Photo Sessions

At Shoob Photo South, we know that every student is unique in regard to their personality, energy, and interests. That’s why we ensure every student experiences a completely personalized photo session that utilizes natural posing techniques while also offering a variety of backdrop options for different looks tailored specifically for your child.

Our Patented View First System

Remember the days of waiting to get your child’s school photos in the mail, only to finally open the envelope and see several images of your child with their eyes closed or looking completely disinterested?

Such suspense is no longer necessary with our patented View First System, allowing pictures to pick and choose which photos they feel look the best while giving them more options to customize their photo orders! You’ll receive an email notification the second your child’s photos are ready to view, giving you immediate access to find the photos that best capture your child’s personality.

Once you’re ready to check out, our online viewing and ordering portal gives you everything you need to proof all your available pictures and pick and choose from various custom print packages.

No More Order Forms or Paperwork

Gone are the days of having to deal with multiple order forms or endless paperwork just to get your school photo orders all squared away. All your school portrait orders are conducted online and will be swiftly shipped directly to your home, so you’ll never have to worry about any contracts, checks, or receipts getting misplaced or lost in the mail!

State-of-the-Art Photo Technology

No more lighting issues, blurry images, or poor-quality photos ever again! Our innovative production facility is equipped with the latest photography technology, ensuring a fast turnaround on all our school photo orders.

Only photographic paper is used to ensure that school pictures are produced to the highest standard, meaning no digital press products are ever utilized. This ensures that the finished product is of the highest quality, showing our commitment to providing only the best elementary school portraits possible!

California School Photographers You Can Count On

What makes for a truly special school photography company you can depend on to deliver the ultimate Picture Day experience ?

Here are just a few of the reasons why you can count on Shoob Photo South to provide you with a truly special, stress-free Picture Day process.

Multi-Generational Photography Experience

A commitment to excellence has been our goal since our company was established over 100 years ago. Our passion for superior photography has been passed down from generation to generation, which has helped cement our reputation as one of the most trusted school photographers in all of Central and Southern California!

Flexible Scheduling & Financing Options

Every school and parent has different needs when it comes to scheduling and financing their child’s school photos. We’ll work directly with you to ensure that we do whatever it takes to accommodate your scheduling and financing needs, giving you more ways to ensure a seamless, stress-free picture-day experience.

Family Owned & Locally Operated

Tired of dealing with big-chain photography companies that leave you in the dark when it comes to the status or process of shooting and shipping your school photos? As a family owned and locally operated servicing Central and Southern Valley California and surrounding areas, we’ll be in touch with you every step of the way, keeping you informed on every detail up until your professional-quality photos are securely in your hands!

100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Cautious about working with a new school photographer for the first time? We’re so confident in our elementary school photography services that we promise 100% customer satisfaction with all our work!

In the event that you’re not satisfied with our services, we’ll be sure to provide you with a complete refund of your investment.

Hire Superior School Photography Services

Ready to make your next elementary school Picture Day a magical, unforgettable experience? So are we! For superior school photography services throughout Central and Southern California, contact Shoob Photo South today to schedule your next photography session or have any of your photography-related questions answered by our team.

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