The Pros & Cons of Personalized School Photos
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The Pros & Cons of Personalized School Photos

Picture Day is about celebrating your students' milestones as they progress through each grade. The photographs authentically highlight the child, and if you're considering ways to create a unique finish, personalized backgrounds and props can be great options to include. 

There are several pros and cons that come with letting parents and kids personalize their backdrop, and the Shoob Photo South team has them listed below.

Personalized Backgrounds Make School Photos Unique

An experienced photographer is always looking for ways to add textures and interest to photos, and while props, lighting, and backgrounds play a part, backdrops can make some of the biggest differences. 

Offering personalized backdrops for school picture day creates amazing aesthetics in many different ways:

  • Added texture and interest with remarkable color pops and unique themes

  • Greater depth for more dimension

  • Helps students stand out by using simple and clean design

  • Makes school photo day into a special moment through personalized context

  • Makes the image more cohesive with consistent colors

  • Reinforces feelings or moods through colors or dramatic effects

What Are the Potential Drawbacks of Personalized School Pics?

While it's obvious personalization can make a significant difference in the end images, a few important drawbacks need to be considered.

Branding Issues

If your school has a specific branding, custom backdrops will not support this without extra props or banners.

Inconsistency in the Images

Consistency is another concern, and if your school relies on specific color coordination, personalized features aren't going to adhere to this.

Time Pressures

If multiple students try to have custom features for their photos, it may take longer to get through the session, which can impact their time in the classroom that day. 

The Photo Quality May Suffer

It puts extra pressure on the photographer to change out backdrops and adjust the lighting. For younger children, it can be more challenging for them to sit and wait for the photo to be taken.

How Does Shoob Photo South Work With Your Needs?

Whether you need customized backdrops for school picture day or choose to stick with traditional styles, we are Sacramento's premier school photographer, and we would love to make your experience as stress-free as possible. 

Our team knows how important high-quality photos are, so we use our years of experience to make school or youth sports Picture Day an amazing experience.

Make picture day a fast and fun experience; book with us online, or feel free to contact us at 888-222-1542 today!

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